The Itis

A few posts back I made recommendation about the soul quenching abilities of a great deli. The meat, the kraut, the horseradish. Thick crusty bread, healthy portions of salads that are not actually salads, nor are they healthy. Oh, and don’t forget that lovely shot of sodium in the thin green slice accompanying every great deli sandwich. 

On an old Chappelle show skit a man is unable to sleep and his wife gives him a bucket of ribs. He devours the greasy pork treat and falls fast asleep leaving behind a BBQ slathered mess as well as all of the worries and concerns keeping him awake. The condition known as the Itis had set in.

Listening to a Bill Burr podcast recently, I was reminded of the Itis. A tribute to Charlie Murphy brought about a story of a hangover. During this hangover Mr. Burr was driving a leg of a tour. He anticipated a dose of shit talking and didn't want to be bothered. So he did what any smart man would do and induced a comatose condition for his running mates.  

He spoke of buckets of heavy, greasy, food divvied up to Charlie and Donnell Rawlings, who were supporting each other as comedic acts on the trip. This put the comedians to sleep and he enjoyed a silent ride to their next gig. 

In essence he basically said he poisoned them, so to speak.

After the Deli experience I slept like a baby, going down around 8:30 pm, after putting my son down.  Being troubled by the stresses of life I found solace in the corned beef and tongue triple decker. In essence I put myself in a much needed coma. So you wake up with a few extra points on the cholesterol and you gotta spend a little extra time getting going the next day. It was all worth it. 

Thanks Itis.