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What the Heck is a Baby Sprinkle? The Essentials For Baby No. 2

Frank and I are expecting our second child this October (yay!). We couldn't be more excited! But it has me wondering whether or not it's appropriate to have a second baby shower? Obviously, we want to celebrate the upcoming birth of our second child, but seeing as our son, Jackson, is almost two we already have most of the stuff we would need. This leads to the big question . . . if do I have a second baby shower, should I register for anything?

We decided to wait to find out the gender with our son and plan to do so with our second baby (best surprise ever, by the way). Which basically means getting gender specific items isn't really necessary, seeing as we have enough giraffe decorated clothes and toys from the first time around.

So . . . after reading up on what other people typically do in this situation (yes, I actually researched this), we decided to go for it. We wanted to celebrate this baby just as much as we did with our son. That being said, I found myself gravitating towards the less ostentatious and more useful. Here's a list of NECESSARY items for our family I included since we had most of the essentials already:

- NURSERY DECOR. New baby, new room, same crib. We wanted to do a different theme for this baby's room so this took up a majority of our registry. 

- DIAPERS. Because you can never have enough! We do a combination of cloth (at home) and disposable (out and about) diapers, so I registered for extras of both. We are big fans of BumGenius and The Honest Co.

- SLEEP SACKS. We seemed to burn through these with our son. This kid may be totally different, but we are looking at it as a preventative measure...just in case.

- BATHTIME ESSENTIALS. Shampoo, bubble bath, conditioner etc. Basics that we can always stock up on. We've been really happy with The Honest Co., Burt's Bees Baby, and Babyganics.

- GIFT CARDS. Specifically, to the places I know I'll use them now that I have more experience as a parent. Gift cards are great for taking care of daily stuff that you just don't think about. We order a lot of things from Amazon, The Honest Co., and The Land of Nod so it made the most sense for us to include gift cards in various increments to these places on our registry.

- ANYTHING ELSE WE WISHED WE HAD HAD THE FIRST TIME AROUND. There weren't many things I registered for that turned out to be totally pointless...well except for maybe the wipe warmer. Thankfully I bought that one myself and returned it promptly after I realized that my son didn't care if the wipes were warm or not, he was pissed regardless because I was changing him in the middle of the night. I think it's easy to get talked into things you "need" during your first pregnancy. Not to say that wipe warmers don't work for some just didn't work for us. That being said, for our second registry, we added a few things we knew we could use that we didn't have the first time around. Hindsight being twenty-twenty and all that.

So now that we had figured out our registry, I naturally began to obsess over invitation ideas. Prior to being pregnant a second time, I'd only heard of a baby sprinkle in passing and to be totally honest I wasn't sure what it meant. Of course, now I get it. The first pregnancy you are literally showered with gifts. We received gifts from people we didn't even know, which was incredibly generous, but totally surprising. Apparently, when you have a baby, people want to celebrate it . . . even if they don't know you. Not to mention all the lovely items friends and family sent. Frank and I were incredibly thankful. But now, the second time around, "showers" have reduced into "sprinkles" as the haze and confusion of child rearing clears a bit and many couples don't need quite the accommodations necessary with baby number one.

First I started with the phrase. Baby Sprinkle. Every design I looked at incorporated one of the following: confetti, sprinkles, or rain. Then there was my personal favorite, raining sprinkles. Way too literal. So I started brainstorming about sprinkles and how that word can be interpreted. My first baby shower was an ice cream social theme (see our ICE CREAM SOCIAL BABY SHOWER SUITE) mainly because I wanted an excuse to have a full ice cream bar (sprinkles included). Which gave me an idea...why not go with another food theme for the second shower? (Are you sensing a trend here?) One of the things Frank and I love most in life are donuts (they were even the favors at our wedding). If we are being specific, Jack Frost Donuts from Cleveland, Ohio. Seriously...the BEST donuts ever! But back to the invitation theme...sprinkles + donuts. A natural combination. And perfect for my baby sprinkle invitation design idea.

So...without further ado, one of our newest designs here at Foreword Press + Design:


Baby Sprinkle Shower-Invite & Liner.jpg
 Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitation Suite includes: Invitation + Lined Envelope, Favor Tag, and Thank You Note + Lined Envelope

Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitation Suite includes: Invitation + Lined Envelope, Favor Tag, and Thank You Note + Lined Envelope