Essentials For Baby No. 2 - A Dad's Perspective

Yes, if you haven’t found out by now, we are expecting baby numero dos (holy sh*t). There is an excitement in the air, true. But for me, that excitement brings about 'Nam like flashbacks of late night bivouacs surrounded by explosions, hormonal outbursts, and the wailing. Oh, the wailing. It was a repetitive scream unlike I’ve ever experienced before. 

Now, it might be because it was my kid doing the screaming and I had to actually get up and deal with it, but wow. Sometimes those howls were blood curdling. But we survived it, and we are signing up for a second tour. So here we go...

As my lovely wife has mentioned there are items necessary for your first child you will need for the second. And no, butt wipe warmers are not one of them.

From Dad’s perspective, the essentials are:

- HAND SANITIZER ON DEMAND (For the late night burst you just can't see) I’d recommend the non-alcoholic brands. Not because I’m in AA or anything like that, but who knows how much truth there is to that whole super bug, resistant to antibiotics thing. And the last thing you need to do is develop your own strain. (*Side note: don't be that guy that sanitizes everything, just use when necessary. You want your kid to actually build an immunity system. And yes, dirt is good.)

- SLEEP SACKS As awesome as these things are they are such a pain in the ass to get on when your kid is wiggling like he just ate a sleeve of Oreos. Worthwhile, but you might want to look into more than one (let's go with 3 to be safe) due in part to … well accidents and blowouts. 

- WIPES WITH TEXTURE Don't get me wrong, flat, smooth wipes are better than leaves or tree bark, but to get up into those hard to reach regions you gotta pack a little more heat. The non-textured wipes would merely shellac the heavy stuff in most of the time. We swear by The Honest Co. ones. Those wipes pick up everything ... and I do mean everything!

- BABY MONITOR You probably already have one of these from the first time around, but if not, get one. It’s a bit invasive, and feels like cheating, but screw it. Embrace the technology and rest easy. Yeah machines are taking our jobs and we will one day be subservient to robots, but I'm throwing caution to the wind here. I’m not advocating for the full blown heart monitor cuff, but you can just grab the monitor and look in from the confines of your bed at 3:15 on a freezing January morning. 

Best advice, embrace the suck. The kid’s gonna be tough at times and you won’t even get a hug you for a while … get over it. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting barf on and just love them with all you got. Manage those explosions, and keep things moving and the world will turn. I promise.

- Frank (Baby Daddy)